Our “Personal Shopper” service is ideal for all those people who, due to their lack of information, inability, impossibility or simply lack of time or because of the many troubles it implies, can’t go shopping for everything they need for their home.

The “Personal Shopper” helps you choose the perfect furniture for your home and have clear ideas in relation to measures, finishing, qualities, capacity and need of furniture, tiles, flooring, accessories, etc.

Offered in two variants:

Face-to-face advice, a decorator comes along with you and advices you when purchasing in the shops that most suit your needs.

Virtual advice, without leaving your house. We’ll prepare a customized special shopping dossier for you which will show you the perfect furniture for the change. It’s the perfect complement to combine with any other of our online services and get the perfect rooms.

Low cost personal shopper.If you want to change your home with little money, we recommend the low cost personal shopper, capable of offering a low cost shopping dossier with furniture for the change you want to implement. In addition, this service is a perfect complement to the low cost decoration service.

Go for improvement

On-line option. E-mail us the plans with the measures, pictures of the room, and fill in the questionnaire which will be e-mailed to you to know your concerns and your style.

Face-to-face option. Ask for an appointment to be accompanied by a professional.

We will supply you with

Virtual service. A dossier with images, addresses and products chosen according to the requirements and guidelines of the customer.

Face-to-face service. Accompaniment and face-to-face advice on the pieces that best suit your style and needs.

Important. N0 furniture is sold in any of the options, we just supply you with advice.


Virtual. The cost is €80 per room.

Face to face. €90 * for a 4 hour session.

Low cost. The cost is € 80 per room.

100% shall be paid when the project is ordered – virtual or low cost – or the day of the visit for a face-to-face advise.

(*)The face-to-face option includes an extra transport fare for the specialist into the national or foreign territory.

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