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If you have a new flat and you don’t know how to start decorating or you need a partial reform of your home or a basic layout, we can help you through the “Basic project” service which includes the creation of a personal and adapted project to the space and your needs.

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On-line option. E-mail us the floor plan with measures and photos of the room. Later on, you will be e-mailed a brief questionnaire to find out more about your style and tastes that you should send us back.
Classroom option. Request the visit of our professionals to the space and they to take photos and measurements to start the project.

We will provide you with:

A preliminary project or initial project with preliminary ideas, options of distribution and optimization of space, which, once submitted and accepted by the customer, will give way to the realization of the final project, composed by a dossier with all the changes to be done, flat floor, elevations, dossier of images with furniture and memory and advice of color and lighting.


The cost is 16€ / m2 if you choose the on-line service. The face-to-face option includes an extra transport fare for the specialist in national or foreign territory of €90 – €250.

We offer you the possibility of adding the “Personal Shopper” service or personalized shopping guide to this service, which will show you the perfect low cost furniture for the change.
Rate: €100 per dossier of online images

70% of the project will be paid when the project is ordered, and 30% must be paid before the delivery of the final project. The maximum delivery period will be 30 days from the moment when the income of the project is received.

Important: kitchens and bathrooms reforms are not covered by this service.

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