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Brainstorm, Advice Is there anything that does not fit or just doesn’t convince you in your home or office, and you don’t know what it is? You have a flat or new commercial space and don’t know where to start? Our specialists will adapt to your case and will solve the problem by helping you and giving you the necessary guidelines to have the house you really want.
We will give you a dossier with suggestions on what elements you should change to a different place, painting needs, colours that suit your house, changes in the furniture and its distribution, lighting, coordination of textures, etc.

Go for improvement

On-line option. Just e-mail the pictures of the four walls of the room to renew and we will help you to make the change you need.
Face-to-face option. Request the visit from one of our professionals and you will get advise in your own house on the changes to be carried out or some photographs will be taken to be included in the dossier later.

We will supply you with

A dossier with guidelines to improve the room you have chosen, which will contain the photos mentioned before with all possible options for the space explained in a simple way, as if one of our professionals were with you in your home.

A este servicio se puede añadir el de Personal Shopper, que te indicará el mobiliario Low cost exacto para el cambio. Precio servicio 80€ por habitación.

Nota: Este servicio no comprende suministro de plano. Ver servicio proyecto básico o integral.


The cost of the on-line service is € 80. The face-to-face option includes an extra fare for the specialist transport in the national territory or abroad, €80 – €200. We offer you the possibility of adding the “Personal Shopper” or personal shopping guide service to this service, where we will show you the perfect low cost furniture for the change you need.

100% will be paid when the project is ordered. The maximum delivery time is 15 working days from the moment when the income for the project is received.
Important: If you wish to receive the floor plan please request our basic service project or the integral project

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