InteriorismoMDR was born with a new approach, which will make possible your dreams come true. The biggest reward will be getting everything you want and need in the space that you want, because we think that “design is not just for a few people.”

Raúl Medina

InteriorismoMDR is composed of a team of professionals headed by Raúl Medina. A young and qualified designer, with fresh and innovative ideas and a great experience in the design of both public and private spaces.

He is a great enthusiast of decoration, design and balanced and functional spaces. He has been fully dedicated to the design and decoration of all kinds of spaces for more than ten years. His simplicity and perseverance have made possible his work to be appreciated by many professionals.

Born in Malaga in 1981, and with great dedication to construction and decoration works due to his involvement in the family business, he started his academic training in 2003 as an interior decorator. While he studied to get his degree, he worked as a decorator for private clients and worked for 5 years in a furniture company in Malaga.

In 2010, after moving to Milan, capital city of the design, he founded his own design study (InteriorismoMDR), made up of a team of professionals in different areas of this field. His projects range from the private to the commercial sphere. In the period he spent in Milan, he learnt the Italian working methods and style, thanks to the knowledge he shared with some of the great designers in the city that helped him forge his present working method.

Raúl Medina and his team’s projects stand out for their simplicity, naturalness and balance, but above all, their easy adaptation to the space and to the customer. His many projects and clients guarantee and recognize the great work of this team in the world of interior design.