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Raúl Medina

In InteriorismoMDR we design spaces offering a wide range of design services adapted to the customers’ personal choice, providing personal attention adapted to their needs, demands and preferences. This page was created to listen to you, guide you, advise you and solve all your concerns and the technical problems that you might have.

Our philosophy is:

Enthusiasm and exclusivity .We approach each project with the highest enthu-siasm and eagerness, getting involved to the limit. We customize each project or idea to the maximum. We love interior design because spaces always have thousands of possibilities to be discovered and adapted to our preferences.

Accessibility. We think design is not just for a few people. For this reason we always offer a wide range of customized rates fitting different budgets.

Personal designers – Interior consultants. We try to get as much information as possible about our customers’ concerns, likes and needs, so that a perfect balance between their personal and professional life is found in the space where they live, because all of us are different, and we have different concerns and perceptions.